V-Mesh Fencing

V-Mesh Fencing features a ‘V’ shape design which increases the stability of the panel and in turn this makes them very difficult to climb. It is a permanent systems that has a great level of visibility and allows it to work well with security systems such as CCTV.

It is by far the most popular system for sale at the moment, it is less intimidating than the likes of Palisade Fencing. It still offers the same amount of security for your premises. It is a cheaper alternative to Palisade but does not compromise on looks or aesthetics.

Safe-Top V-Mesh Fencing

Safe top mesh is a great solution for areas that need a low-to-medium level of security. Featuring a ‘rolled down’ top which contains no sharp points or edges, it’s a safer option when considering security fencing.

The metal mesh wires are 5mm in diameter and are hard to cut through using standard cutting tools. Horizontal and vertical mesh wires are pressed together to form the mesh infill, making the panel more rigid and strong to withstand impact.

The apertures within safe top mesh also help to prevent intrusion, as they are too small for intruders or large objects to squeeze through, and are too narrow for people to gain a foothold to climb the fencing. Safe top mesh security fencing is ideal for areas where children or members of the public will often visit. For that reason, it’s commonly installed around locations such as schools and play areas, sports facilities, residential areas and retail buildings.

Standard Colours available are Black & Green, but we are able to supply bespoke colours if required.


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